Matho Models Cats

Matho Models Cats
Matho Models Cats
Matho Models Cats
Matho Models Cats
Matho Models Cats
Matho Models Cats
Matho Models Cats
Matho Models Cats
Matho Models Cats
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  • Dimensions: 10.00cm x 6.00cm x 3.00cm
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Selling diorama accessories Matho Models 3D printing cats with many position in 1/35 scale. 

How to work with 3D printed parts?
1. Be carefull when manipulating 3D printed parts, they can be brittle!
2. Firstly rinse in Acetone to wash off any excess waxy material. The waxy material is a support material used during 3D printing process. It is very liquid, oil-like and washes off very easily.
3. After that you can start sanding where needed. The 3D printing process builds up a product in micro-layers. Those layers sometimes remain slightly visible in some areas (especially under magnification), they can be sanded out with a medium sandpaper (like 600 grit), followed by a fine sandpaper (like 1000 grit). Again, the material is not that hard, so it sands very easy. Rinse in Acetone again to wash of any dust.
4. Some 3D printed models are hollow and open at the bottom that is normally not displayed. Should you do want to display the bottom, simply fill the part with putty and sand.
5. Now it is ready to prime and paint.

Tip for sanding very small and difficult areas
Cut a small strip of sandpaper 1 - 2 mm wide, fold it and grab it with a tweezers (not the one with a pointy tip, but the one with a flat 1 - 2mm broad tip). Hold it in such a way that the fold is sticking out for only a tiny fraction (make sure it is the fold that is sticking out, and not the loose ends of the strip). Keep holding the tweezers like that and move over the surface you want to sand. When the sandpaper is clogged, make a new fold in an area of the strip that has not been used before, and continue like before.

Diorama Accessories
Contain 5 high-detail 3D printing cats model
Package Dimension 10 cm x 6 cm x 3 cm
Products Description 3D printing cats model
Scale 1/35

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