Sellery, Inc.

Brand: Sellery, Inc. Model: SL04-426
These multi-purpose files set which contains 5 pieces of files (triangular file, rectangular file, round file, half round file, and flat file) are designed for model kits work, ceramics works, goldsmith and silversmith works, and other handicraft's works.Caution:For certain works, must wear saf..
Brand: Sellery, Inc. Model: SL07-330
Selling Mini Airbrush 7 cc is ideal for general purpose of painting with dyes, ink, acrylic paint, and enamel paint.  Specifications:Nozzle Diameter 0.3 mm.Fluid Cup Capacity 7 cc.Operating Air Pressure 14-70 psi.Chrome plated and polished brass body.Spanner included.Adjustable spray pattern fr..
Brand: Sellery, Inc. Model: SL04-423
Selling Sellery Round File 3 mm x 140 mm multi-purpose round file is designed for model kits works, ceramics works, goldsmith works, and other handy craft's works.  Caution:For certain works, must wear safety googles, and respirator masker to protect your healthy.Keep out reach of chi..
Brand: Sellery, Inc. Model: SL07-123
Stainless steel tweezers set contains 4 piece of tweezers (flat wide tweezers, curved tweezers, reversible action tweezers, and straight tweezers) are ideal for doing model kits, philately, medicine, electronic, goldsmith and silversmith, and other small handy craft's works.Caution:Keep out rea..
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