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The filter is a painting technique that is used to enrich, unify and cause variations in a tone of base color. It is useful to unifying a complex and contrasting camouflage on a model. A filter can also enrich a flat color making an incorrect shade more accurate. The resulting look should contain a slight satin appearance.  Sin Industries Filter are the most appropriate for scale modelling because the color are specially design for colors used on military vehicles. Filters contain the correct paint to thinner ratio needed for proper application. Simply shake the bottle vigorously and the filter is ready to be applied with a paintbrush.

The filter should be applied with a soft rounded number 6 paintbrush. The paintbrush should be dampened with the filter, not soaked. The paintbrush should be brushed over the model's surface once, no more than twice. avoiding the accumulation of paint in the corners, seams, or details. A slightly matt surface will aid you in applying the filter. Many layers of filter can be applied but the model should be lest to dry for at least 2 hours in between each coat. Different colored filters can be added to refined areas and details of model. These refined filters will cause very subtle color variations resulting in more realistic and interesting appearance.
Additional products info:

  • Warm Grey for Panzer Grey MP418 : New filter special designed for Panzer Grey vehicles, with warm tone add fading effect.

  • Orange for Desert Camo MP419 : This filter add orange tone to the vehicles with desert camouflage, special for light colored vehicles as allies or contemporaneous operating in Desert Storm and similar.

  • Green for Khaki Green MP420 : A new green tone that will add an attractive chromatic effect to every Allied vehicle with a green tone base, English and Russian vehicles especially. The modeller can achieve a large range of final effects: applying different layers or a subtle patina over the base.

  • Neutral Grey for Panzer Grey MP421 : We can modify the grey base applied over German vehicles with this new filter. We can add an interesting tone and achieve great variations even over modulated bases.

  • Brown Dirt for White Camo MP422 : The white colored base for winter camouflage is always a little challenge for modellers. MIG Productions increases its filters range. This new filter helps the modeller to add a subtle dirt effects and other great weathering effects.

  • Dark Green Grey MP423 : This stunning new color filter will add the extra touch of realism to your green painted models. Combined with our other new color, the “Green for Allied Vehicles”, you will have “green light” for a new level of modelling class. MIG Productions range of green color filters is growing fast and always with the most demanding modeller in mind.

  • Japan Navy Blue MP424 : Once again, MIG productions push the limits of originality and offer you a more than welcome color filter. The “Japan Navy Blue”, a color intended, planned and developed for all the Japan subject enthusiasts. To get even more outstanding results, just combine this new color with our always growing range of grey color filters. Get the best color variations on Japanese blue colors with only few simple steps.

  • Green for Allied Green Vehicles MP425 : This new color filter it’s a great color to achieve color variations on green vehicles like the ones used by Soviet Union, UK, US and many other armies. The new Green for Allied Vehicles can also be combined with the already available color filters “Green for Light Green” and “Green for Khaki Green” and achieve stunning effects. Get ready to enter in a new level of authentic

  • Orange for Extreme Decay MP426 : This new color filter it’s a great color to achieve color variations on all decay or rust situations. As the name suggests, this is for the extreme work and will add that extra touch of accuracy and realism to your models. This new color is also great to achieve subtle flesh color variations and will look fantastic in the fantasy figures or fantasy war games. The MIG Productions filters can be mixed each other and can be mixed with MIG Productions wash solutions, oils, and thinners. Get ready to enter in a new level of authenticity!

  • Violet for German Grey MP427 : With a few simple steps, this new color will bring your models into another level of accuracy and authenticity. Just try it! Besides German grey models, this filter is great for all grey subjects, like modern fighter jets painted in grey low visibility schemes, naval warfare or sci-fi models. It also can be applied in all those fantasy models and figures. The MIG Productions filters can be mixed each other and can be mixed with MIG Productions wash solutions, oils, and thinners. Get ready for a new dimension in the scale modelling scenario!

Contain 35 ml of enamel color filter
Manual Instruction Language English and Spanish
Package Dimension 8 cm x 4 cm x 4 cm
Suitable Ages 10 years to adult

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MIG Filter 35ml

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