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Selling Masterbox figure model kit US paratroops 101st Airborne with British tank crew in France, 1944 in 1/35 scale. According to manufacturer this model kit was based true event that US 101st Airborne soldier giving some their rations to French women collaboration horizontale victims.
Collaboration horizontale, collaboration féminine or collaboration sentimentale (the French adjective sentimentale can be translated as "pertaining to a romantic relationship") was the (supposed) sexual intercourse that some French women had with members of the German Nazi soldiers invasion force after the Battle of France in 1940. This started to be considered a form of collaboration ca. June 6, 1944, the start of "La Libération". After the War, throughout France, women accused of collaboration were shaved bald. In many of the ca. 20.000 cases, the women in question had only performed professional services for the occupying German soldiers, rather than being engaged in sexual relationships with them. "Collaboration horizontale" is believed to have produced 200,000 French babies with German fathers. Since 2009, Germany offers these children of "the other bank of the Rhine" citizenship, after French foreign minister Bernard Kouchner had lobbied for their recognition.

Model Kit
Contain 1 set sprue plastic model kit
Manual Instruction Language English, Russian, Ukrainian, German, French
Package Dimension 25 cm x 18 cm x 4 cm
Products Description 7 figures of US 101st Airborne soldiers, one figure of British tankcrew, one figure of French woman with her half German baby.
Scale 1/35
Suitable Ages 14 years to adult

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