• Vallejo Chipping Medium 17ml

Vallejo Chipping Medium 17ml

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Selling Acrylicos Vallejo Chipping Medium 17 ml for peeling paint effects on model kits.

Chipping Medium 17 ml is new water based medium to create flaked paint, scratches, and rust chips. Chipping Medium can be applied with airbrush or brush to create chipping effects on model kit's surface with water based acrylic colors. 

Apply Chipping Medium on paint or primer where chipping will be, and when dry apply second final coat of water based acrylic paint. Once dry, re moisten with water areas to be chipped and use hard brush or stick to scratch off some of final paint.

Contain 17 ml of Vallejo waterbased medium
Manual Instruction Language English, Spanish, French, and German
Package Dimension 8 cm x 3 cm x 3 cm
Suitable Ages 10 years to adult

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