Zvezda - Soviet Tank Hunters with Dogs

Zvezda - Soviet Tank Hunters with Dogs

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Sells Zvezda model kit figures of WWII Soviet Union soldiers with dog mine in 1/35 scale.

Anti-tank dogs (Russian: собаки-истребители танков sobaki-istrebiteli tankov or противотанковые собаки protivotankovye sobaki; German: Panzerabwehrhunde or Hundeminen, "dog-mines") were dogs taught to carry explosives to tanks, armored vehicles and other military targets. They were intensively trained by the Soviet and Russian military forces between 1930 and 1996 and used in 1941–1942 against German tanks in World War II. Although the original dog training routine was to leave the bomb and retreat so that the bomb would be detonated by the timer, this routine failed and was replaced by an impact detonation procedure which killed the dog in the process. The U.S. military trained anti-tank dogs in 1943 for use against fortifications, but never deployed them. This picture was taken at Red Square May 1st 1938.

Soviet's tank buster dogs 1938

Model Kit
Contain 1 set sprue plastic model kit
Manual Instruction Language English, Russian, Italian, German, French, and Spanish
Package Dimension 26 cm x 16 cm x 2 cm
Products Description 3 model figures of Soviet Union troops, and 3 model figures of anti tank dogs
Scale 1/35
Suitable Ages 14 years to adult

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