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1/48 scale alternative decals for model kit.

Brand: Begemot Decals Model: BEGDEC48-053
Begemot decals Curtiss P-40 USSR decals with panel lines technical stencil for aircraft in 1/48 scale. This decal for the alternative intended Curtiss P-40 model kit, which is for Tomahawk Mk. IIA, Mk. IIB, P-40C, P-40E,  P-40EF, P-40K-1-CU, P-40K-1 or K-5, P-40K-15-CU, P-40M, P-40M-5-CU, P-40M..
Brand: Begemot Decals Model: BG48
Hakenkreuz 1/48 scale for German Nazi aircraft swastika decal, which is suitable for any model kits manufacturers in 1/48 scale. Including One decal sheet (with 6 types swastikas) and manual instruction. For more authentic swastika for Luftwaffe aircraft, please use historical photos (the same ..
Brand: Begemot Decals Model: BEGDEC48-059
MiG jet fighter cockpit sealant, you do not necessarily have to make a difficult paint masker for MiG jet fighter cockpit's sealant, just stick these decals to your model kit of Mikoyan Gurevich MiG jet fighter's cockpit frame. Use this easy way to make your MiG jet fighter model kit become realisti..
Brand: Begemot Decals Model: BG48-003
Decals MiG-21 Fishbed complete Stencil 1/48 scale is detailed Russian language panel lines stencil for all model kit's MiG-21 version: MiG-21F-13, Mig-21PF, MiG-21PFS, MiG-21PFM early batches, MiG-21PFM late batches, MiG-21R, MiG-21SM(MF), MiG-21bis, MiG-21U, Mig-21UM, and stencil for external ..
US$9.55 US$10.50
Begemot - MiG-29 Family Full Stencil Begemot - MiG-29 Family Full Stencil
-10 %
Brand: Begemot Decals Model: BG48-017
MiG-29 family full stencil decals for detailing of MiG-29's panel lines stencils of types: type 9-12 late production batches, type 9-13, and type 9-51 (MiG-29UB), pylons, fuel tanks, missiles racks, and missiles, with 6-pages big size details instruction. These decals are might be not include i..
US$10.12 US$11.25
Begemot - MiG-29 Fulcrum part 1 Begemot - MiG-29 Fulcrum part 1
-15 %
Brand: Begemot Decals Model: BG48-012
Decals MiG-29 Fulcrum part one in 1/48 scale model kit's decals with optional 54 markings variation of MiG-29's next types: type 9-12 early batches, type 9-12 late batches, type 9-13 and type 9-51 (MiG-29UB) from Air Forces: USSR, Russia, Ukraine, SFRY, Yugoslavia, Serbia, Moldova, Bulgari..
US$17.65 US$20.70
Brand: Begemot Decals Model: BEGDEC48-011
Begemot decals panel lines technical stencil decals which it's not produced by model kit's manufacturer for all types of MiG-25 version jet fighter model kits: MiG-25P, MiG-25PD/PDS, MiG-25PU/RU, MiG-25RB, MiG-25RBF, MiG-25BM, MiG-25RBT for external armament, pylons, and ASO chaff/flare dispenser. W..
Brand: Begemot Decals Model: BEGDEC48-042
Begemot decals for model kit Russian military helicopter Mil Mi-24V/VP/K/R (Mi-35 export name for Mi-24V) in 1/48 scale with user countries are Russian, Libya, Poland, Macedonia, Sudan, India, Soviet Union, Mongolia, Croatia, Ivory Coast, Kazakhstan, Sri-Lanka, Georgia, Slovak Republic, Azerbaijan, ..
Begemot - Su-27 "Russian Knights Flankers" Begemot - Su-27 "Russian Knights Flankers"
-11 %
Brand: Begemot Decals Model: BG48-006
Decals Su-27 "Russian Knights Flankers" 1/48 scale of Sukhoi Su-27 and Su-27M from "Russian Knights" aerobatic team, including all Su-27 and Su-27UB in early and late demo marking scheme and some Su-27's in serial marking, which used "Russian Knights". Including two big-size decal she..
US$15.50 US$17.50
Brand: Begemot Decals Model: BEGDEC48-020
Begemot decals panel lines technical stencil for Su-24 version jet fighter model kit: Su-24 from late, after 15th productional batch, Su-24M, Su-24MP, Su-24MR, for external armament, pylons, pods, launch catapult, bomb rack, and external fuel pods. With these decals, your model kit becomes more deta..
Brand: Begemot Decals Model: BEGDEC48-009
Begemot Decals panel lines technical stencil for Sukhoi Su-27 model kit version: Su-27 all productional batch, Su-27 early before 18th productional batch, Su-27 after 18th productional batch, Su-27UB after 10th productional batch, Su-27K/Su-33 from 4th to 9th productional batch, also for external ar..
Brand: Blackbird Models Model: BMD48006
Blackbird Models aftermarket decals for your aircraft model kit Turkish Spitfires for 1/48 scale of Heritage Aviation, Tamiya, and Airfix model kits with the following details are: Spitfire PRXIX decals suggested for Heritage Aviation model kitsSpitfire Mk. Ia decals suggested for Tam..
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