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We sells any kinds of decal medium, and decal set for making decal become smooth and flat at model kit's surface, liquid mask for masking area of model kit which do not want to paint, and also airbrush cleaner.

Brand: Acrylicos Vallejo, S.L. Model: VL71.099
Selling Acrylicos Vallejo Airbrush Cleaner 85 ml for cleaning airbrushAirbrush Cleaner is an indispensable product for cleaning the airbrush between paint colors. It not only eliminates rest of the color used, but at the same time lubricates the interior of the airbrush without damaging the mec..
Brand: Acrylicos Vallejo, S.L. Model: VL73.213
Selling Acrylicos Vallejo Decal Fix for protecting and flattening smooths decals on model kit's surfaceDecal Fix is a matt, water based solution which protects the decal and smooths its edges so that they blend with the surface on model kits, and raised outline will not visible. Apply Deca..
Brand: Acrylicos Vallejo, S.L. Model: VL73.212
Selling Acrylicos Vallejo Decal Medium for improving adhesiveness and prevents formation of air bubbles on model kit's decalsDecal Medium improves the adhesiveness of the decal and prevents the formation of air bubbles on model kit's decals. It also acts as a cleaner and helps prepare the surfa..
Brand: Acrylicos Vallejo, S.L. Model: VL70.523
Selling Acrylicos Vallejo Liquid Mask 17 ml used to model kit's surface area which are want to remain unpainted, especially in airbrush techniques, but also with watercolors, and temperas. Vallejo Liquid Mask forms a protective film on the area which you does not want to paint. O..
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