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We sell any kinds of color pigments for diorama or model kits effect.

Brand: Acrylicos Vallejo, S.L. Model: VL26.233
Acrylicos Vallejo Pigment Binder, water-based acrylic binder for "Vallejo Pigments" for diorama model kit's effects. Dries slowly allows more time to manipulate pigment as a matt finish...
US$5.30 US$5.85
Brand: Acrylicos Vallejo, S.L. Model: Vallejo Pigments
Acrylicos Vallejo Pigments, natural pigments can be mixed with water, acrylics, mediums, varnishes,  and with water & stone texture. Not toxic, not flammable, not suitable for children under 10 years.Please choose the color paint that you want, then press the "Buy". If you buy a lot of..
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