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Selling ICM model kit figure of WWI Austro-Hungarian, German, and Russian infantries in 1/35 scale.
Austro-Hungarian, German, Russian Infantries
Eastern Front (Russian: Восточный фронт, sometimes called the "Second Fatherland War" or "Second Patriotic War" (Russian: Вторая Отечественная война) in Russian sources) during World War I was a theater of operations that encompassed at its greatest extent the entire frontier between the Russian Empire and Romania on one side and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Bulgaria, Turkey and Germany on the other. It stretched from the Baltic Sea in the north to the Black Sea in the south, included most of Eastern Europe and stretched deep into Central Europe as well. The term contrasts with "Western Front", which was being fought in Belgium and France.

Model Kit
Contain 1 set plastic figures model kit
Manual Instruction Language English and Ukrainian
Package Dimension 31 cm x 24 cm x 5 cm
Products Description 4 model figures of Russian Tsar Empire troops, 4 model figures of Austro-Hungarian troops, and 4 model figures of German Empire troops during World War I
Scale 1/35
Suitable Ages 14 year to adult

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