Delivery Information

Shipping Method
The shipping methods those 777modelkitshop offers to you are:

a. International shipment: PAKETPOS CEPAT LN, POS EMS BARANG, POS R LN and Pos Ekspor.

b. Domestic shipment: POS Paket Kilat, TIKI One Night Service, and TIKI Reguler.

Shipping costs based on additional package protection expense, fluctuation of USD currency, and delivery time may vary, depending on which delivery option you choose, and the destination address. 777modelkitshop estimated delivery time will be informed via email.

The Package for Model Kits, and Accessories
To minimize shipping fees and add extra package protection, we use special packing to minimize volume metric weight without damaging package contents. The package is always packed under international regulation “Universal Postal Union – Convention Manual, Berne 2018”.

The Package for Liquid Materials
For convenience of both our customers and shipping service, our liquid material’s package is also always packed with MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) and box extra safety package protection under international regulation “Universal Postal Union – Convention Manual, Berne 2018”.

Shipping and Handling Charges
The shipping charge was calculated based on the gross weight and the destination of your order, including the package box and the packaging materials. The handling charge is USD 0.75.

Package Delivery
In case your requested shipping address is doubted, we will email you to reconfirm the address. There might be an additional fee to the buyer for incorrect or mistype shipping addresses, which is charged by the courier. So please write your address clearly. Shipping address might be your home,  workplace, your family relative address, etc which you can receive the package easily.
Please be noticed that cross-country border shipments are maybe opening and inspection by customs authorities.
All returned or refused shipments are subject to a 30% of your order price item amount as a restocking fee to the buyer (except because 777modelkitshop negligent in shipment).
777modelkitshop will not hold any responsibility after the package leaves the shop. However, we will try our effort to trace and retrieve any potentially lost parcel.

Regarding International Shipment

During pandemic COVID-19, EMS and POS R LN shipment was limited to destination countries.

(Updated 16/06/2021)