Terms & Conditions

By accessing, using this site, and placing an order to 777modelkitshop, the customer acknowledges that you should have read, and agree with full understanding to be bound by these terms and conditions.

1. Item
Item Condition
777modelkitshop always sells item products in good condition. Model kits are opened boxes for adding extra protection on each sprue during shipment. 
Item Price
777modelkitshop offers the customer the best possible and reasonable price on every item in our shop, while remaining capable of assuring quality and value in the purchase. All product prices are based on United States Dollar currency (USD), and customers could choose desired currency. For this moment, sales tax is not charged for any order items.
All prices are may change without notice.

2. Product Availability
The product availability is shown in the product description statement write “in stock” or “out of stock”.

3. Payment Method
Paypal Account transfer, credit cards, or pay with bank account through Paypal.
777modelkitshop accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover through PayPal secured website or it is also available if the customer has Paypal account for payment. The customer can safely enter a credit card number which encrypts all submitted information. The credit card information transfer is directly between customers and PayPal through the secure website. If a customer’s payment is rejected, please contact the credit card issuing bank directly for the reasons. Verifying credit cards might be applied by customer's banks as cardholders are required to confirm before they make any online transactions. If the customer has entered all valid information of credit card but still fails to complete the procedure, please refer to the card-issuing bank for further information about the pin security feature or simply use another credit card to complete the transaction. Now Paypal also accepted payment with a bank account through Paypal.

4. Import Duty and Taxes (International Shipment)
Customs policies may vary from country to country. Some countries will have to pay import duties or taxes. The customer orders may be subject to import duties and taxes and any additional charges for customs clearance are usually borne by the buyer. 777modelkitshop has no control over these charges and does not assume responsibility for the ordered goods meeting local customs laws and duties and taxes. Taxation and import duties also might not be applied if customs does not inspect the package. When ordering from 777modelkitshop, the customer is considered as the importer of goods and must comply with all the laws and requirements of the customer’s country. Please contact the local customs office for further information.

5. Tracking your order
777modelkitshop will email to the customer the shipping notification, with a tracking number when the order is shipped, and the customer can manage to track the order through our website or post office/shipping agents official website:
PT. Pos Indonesia or for EMS Pos Indonesia and Tiki
In any case, if the customer has not received the package for the estimated days stated on the notification, please contact; or SMS / direct call +6281977000361 for follow-up or customer’s local post office/shipping agents.

International shipment during pandemic COVID-19 available is EMS, PAKETPOS CEPAT LN, POS R LN, and Pos Ekspor that might be the limited destination countries.

6. Return Policy
Refuse to pay import taxes
If the package is returned to 777modelkitshop only due to the customer's refusal to pay customs tax and duties, the customer will be responsible for the return shipping charges and a re-stocking fee of 30% of the order price item amount.
Received the wrong item
If the package is returned to 777modelkitshop due to the customer receiving wrong item and 777modelkitshop negligent in shipment inspection of item, then the consumer has the right to return it free of shipping charge. 777modelkitshop is responsible for sending back the right item to the consumer with all shipping charges and re-stocking fees borne to 777modelkitshop.

7. Package Damaged or Lost
If the customer receives items damaged via EMS or other delivery services, please take the following steps to make a claim. If a shipment arrives at the customer’s door with apparent shipping damage, please refuse the delivery and email us immediately at If the customer has already accepted the delivery and then finds shipping damage, please save all packaging material and documents and email to us for assistance. 777modelkitshop will notify the post office/ shipping agent and take appropriate action to make the claim.
If the customer receives the package damaged via airmail or surface mail from Pos Indonesia or Tiki; the customer should inquire local post office or delivery office, showing them the damage (Better if they witness when the customer opens the box), and filing a damage claim.
777modelkitshop assumes no replacing obligation for items received damaged or lost due to force majeure. But, 777modelkitshop will try with best to help the customer to solve the problem.

8. Price, Shipping Charges and/or Description Changes and Typographical Error
Although 777modelkitshop do the best to ensure the accuracy of site content, 777modelkitshop cannot guarantee accuracy site content. 777modelkitshop have right to change all prices, photos and descriptions at any time without notice and have not any responsibility for unintentional errors.
In the event of the typographical error or incorrect information of pricing and product on our site, 777modelkitshop shall have the right to refuse or cancel any such orders and correct any disparities at its sole discretion whether or not the order has been confirmed.
Before shipping any products, 777modelkitshop usually verifies products and prices of products sold by 777modelkitshop. If there is discrepancy exists, 777modelkitshop will contact the customer for suggestions before packing products, or the customer may cancel the order (the payment will be refundable after deducted by any bank charges) and notify 777modelkitshop of such cancellation.

9. Applicable Law
These Terms and Conditions will be interpreted, construed, and enforced in all respects in accordance with the laws Republic of Indonesia. The customer and 777modelkitshop should submit to the jurisdiction of the Indonesian courts.

These terms and conditions are subject to change without prior written notice at any time, updated 15/07/2021.